Wooden Figurines

Handpainted wooden TECKEL figurine

The idea of turning the mini Teckel into a three-dimensional piece crossed my mind, and here it is! Initially, I had thought of creating a single design for all the pieces without any variations. However, once I received the Teckels and saw that each one was different, I was inspired to think of them as unique. Luckily, because I believe it makes the project more enjoyable. I've received 50 pieces this time, and I'm taking it slow. I haven't designed or painted all of them yet, but this mini project is keeping me motivated.

Each Teckel measures 15x8x3cm, featuring a unique color pattern and design. They come with a signed and numbered handcrafted booklet, along with a postcard showcasing the individual design. Both the Teckel and its box are crafted from pine wood. After being painted, the pieces are treated with natural oil. They come in various colors and can be entirely monochromatic. Some have triangles, squares, circles, curves, catering to a variety of preferences :)
Each booklet contains the "personality" of each Teckel, and you can also find a QR code that takes you directly to a mini-questionnaire where you can share the name you've given to your Teckel.

I like to think that each person can take ownership of the Teckel not only for its design but also for its "personality." Additionally, knowing in which corner of the world it resides and its favorite spot in its new home adds a special touch. You can later locate it on the map, which you can find here.

Here you can find where the TECKEL are located! :)